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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Buy A Ticket...Go See Cars Land...Not !

That's a wonderful picture of the Route 66 main drag of Cars Land just after nightfall. Do you see something missing? If your answer is 'people' then you win the prize (no prizes actually given). Lots and lots of people. A crushing load of humanity is expected.

How many people are going to Cars Land this weekend when the place officially opens Friday morning? Disney will be allowing people to begin line up Thursday night then putting them into groups of about 1000 then letting the groups into one at a time. This has trouble written all over it. Maybe its just me though.

But if your idea is take take your ticket or annual pass and walk through the turnstile on Friday then head right on over to enjoy the sights and rides of Cars Land, I think you got another thing coming. With so much promotional hype (L.A. Times this morning called Radiator Springs Racers Disney's first F-ticket attraction) its hard not to imagine everyone, I mean everyone, not showing up to DCA this weekend. The closing of the front gates of DCA and No Parking are real possibilities.

Does this sound like fun? Look on the bright side, Toy Story Mania and Soarin' Over California may have some of their shortest lines ever (I doubt that would be true but I'm holding out hope for any piece of positive news here).


  1. Yeah... Not my idea of fun haha.

    I had friends tell me they booked a trip to Disneyland for next weekend - their first trip ever! They had no idea about the cars land opening. When I told them their response was, "oh that sounds fun!" I didn't have the heart to tell them how insane it was going to be considering they can't back out at this point.

    1. Wow... It will be interesting to find just how much fun of a trip they have. The Southern California pass holders haven't been blocked out yet (except for Saturday). That's just it. The Southern California pass holders go for the event. They have no problem waiting for hours to get on a single ride because they've done everything else in either park dozens of times. But when you saved and planned for a vacation that comes around every year or two or more, then not being able to do everything because of the crowds becomes disappointing and frustrating.