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In the course of working with this blog, I get to see a number of videos about Disneyland and the Disneyland Resort area that are uploaded to YouTube. I post many of them in the blog posts but some of them are worth singling out as some of my very favorites and worth special mention. I will put some of my favorite videos on this page. Hope you enjoy.


The very first video I felt compelled to share with as many people possible was the classic Darth Vader Goes To Disneyland that Disney created to promote the grand re-opening of Star Tours. It still may be my favorite Disneyland video ever.


I first saw the video below back in the summer of 2011 and was transfixed by its elegant quiet beauty. For awhile I would play it before going to sleep at night. Enjoy the haunting Bella Notte video featuring the rides of Paradise Pier.


Another charming video set to music but this time its a look at Disneyland of the past, 1957 to be exact proving once again the old adage that the more things change, the more they stay the same. A classic from The Disneyland History Institute - Disneyland Canon 1957.


This is probably the most famous video from The Disneyland History Institute website. Here the infamous Haunted Mansion's mythical Hatbox Ghost is explored and whether or not it really existed. A fascinating, entertaining, and very informational video for every Disneyland fan.


Updated 1.27.13

Pirates of the Caribbean is my favorite ride in Disneyland. This is the best video I have seen to date thanks to the great Disneyland and Southern California YouTube videographer asianjma123. Enjoy the ride.


Updated 4.21.13

See reflections and clips of Main Street USA with narration by Walt Disney himself. This video comes from the Disneyland History Institute.


Updated 7/27/13

Another wonderful video from the Disneyland History Institute 


Updated 7/27/13

I saw this video on YouTube in 4 segments several years ago (its about 40 minutes long in total). It shows Disneyland under construction and narrated by former Walt Disney Imagineering Vice President Tony Baxter (and others). It's official Disney which is why it probably also disappeared from YouTube for a while. No guarantees that the is video will stay or be removed but it is DEFINITELY worth checking out. Just a fascinating inside look at the construction of Disneyland and prominently features Walt Disney himself. It's fantastic if you got the time to spare.

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