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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Naples Ristorante: Downtown Disney

Before I come home at night, I normally call Mrs. DisneylandTraveler and ask her if there is something I can bring home for dinner. Pizza is usually a choice about once a week. Now we have the usual dreck of of Dominoes, Little Caesars, and Papa Johns. And we have a couple of other pizza places that are definitely a step up from those chain establishments. We also have a of couple pizza restaurants that are really a cut above but those are usually reserved for a weekend visit. Anyway, when I think about pizza, my mind will always drift to Naples in Downtown Disney. What better place to enjoy a slice or two than sitting outside on a warm sunny afternoon day or early evening, reflecting on your Disney day, and just generally people watch with all the Downtown Disney activity. For me its really special experience  Naples is my favorite place for pizza by far.

Of course there is a full compliment of pastas, sandwiches, and salads to choose from as well.

And of course there is always this to wash it all down nicely.....

I know I have written a piece in this blog about Naples Ristorante before but seeing some new pictures jogged some old and special memories. It was time to revisit.

Not Every Disney Character is Cute

I was going through some Disneyland photos that I had taken over a year ago but didn't look at until today. You know how everyone thinks of Disney characters as cute, lovable, and memorable. Well, every once in awhile I can come across a character that flat out gives me the creeps. Taken at the World of Disney Downtown Disney Store - this is nightmare material here.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

DCA Turns 15 Years Old

It's hard to believe Disney California Adventure turned 15 years old this month. A lot has changed because a lot had to change for the much maligned park that opened back then. I guess you could say most of the changes of have been for the better and it is a far better park now than when it first opened. These are few of the Disneyland Traveler's pictures of DCA in 2002 - views that have been radically altered if not completely eliminated.

Return of the DCA Food & Wine Festival

I haven't been paying to close of attention to what's been going on down at the Disneyland Resort lately for assorted reasons. This one slipped by me - the return of the Food & Wind Festival at Disney California Adventure which was dropped a few years back.. This event was fun, a lot of fun. Glad to see the return of a good thing. Probably too late to get it together for 2016 F & W Festival, but 2017? Thinking ahead, way ahead. Weekends only during April.

Disneyland 60 Airs Tonight on ABC

Tonight Disney airs the Disneyland 60 Wonderful World of Disney two hour special on ABC TV (Disney owned of course),  I have my bar set pretty low as to look for two hours of prime time entertainment or what most Disney specials on TV turn out to be: one long infomercial promoting all things Disney.

So what if it is an infomercial.  It's mid-February and it seems like a pretty nice thing to do - to hope, to dream, to plan of your next Disney experience.

Below is an official Disney promotional photo from tonight's special. As I recall when the Indiana Jones Adventure ride was under construction, Harrison Ford would not allow his likeness or voice used in the ride. Funny how time changes things.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hello? I've Been Away For Awhile

The Disneyland Traveler has been away for awhile. (More on that later).  But I hear things are changing down Disneyland way.  Change for the better remains to be seen.