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Sunday, July 1, 2012

How's That Starbucks Working Out In Disney California Adventure?

I've got the MouseWaits app on my phone. It gives you the current wait times for rides, attractions, and several food & beverage establishments where lines tend to build. I look at it every once in a while when I've got nothing better to do. The current wait for a Starbucks beverage in Disney California Adventure is 14 minutes. Not bad for a Sunday. It's been worse, much worse, as now Disney people can get their park fix and Starbucks coffee fix in the same location.

There used to be a Starbucks about a block from my house in a supermarket. Sometimes I would stop by there for a mocha or latte on my way to work. I would cringe when I would see 3 people standing in line in front of me. That Starbucks closed down but I would say it was more the fault of the struggling supermarket than Starbucks. So now the closest Starbucks is a standard strip mall establishment about 2 blocks from my house. If I stop by there in the morning, there are usually 5 or 6 people standing in line. Since I'm usually in a hurry, I pretty much skip Starbucks in the morning now. 5 or 10 minutes is far too long to wait.

So now I have seen pictures from the DCA Starbucks found inside the Fidler, Fifer, & Practical Cafe (still a dumb name) on Buena Vista Street. From some of the pictures I have seen, there must of have been at least 30 people standing in that line. But that's different. It's one thing to be standing in line for a Starbucks before going to work were time is everything and quite another to be standing in any line in a Disney park where line standing approaches something of an art form as to keep yourself amused and entertained while doing nothing.

As for the Starbucks itself, from what I have read, they can whip out the basic menu pretty well but if you are one of those "snobs" who rattle off a single beverage that takes two minutes to explain, well then, chances are you may be headed for disappointment. This is a Disney park, keep your special orders for the real professionals and stick to the basics.


  1. Hey...just got back from visiting the Parks this weekend. We stopped by the Starbucks a couple of times. Both times, your right, there were about 15 people in line. As much as I love Starbucks, we were on the way back to our room for an afternoon nap, so didn't want to be wired for the next two hours, so we passed. It's really nice inside. And, I agree the name of the cafe is really odd and doesn't roll easily off the tongue.

    1. I think I am going to make it easy on myself and just call it Starbucks even though they do have something of a menu. Disney probably won't like that but they should have thought of that before they stuck a really nice looking a restaurant with a name most people can't remember without giving it some thought.