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Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Glistening Haunted Mansion Turns 45

The Haunted Mansion - Disneyland - A Disney Parks Blog Photo

Disneyland's Haunted Mansion turned 45 years old yesterday I guess that is something of a milestone for the park. Of course Disneyland had special panels, exclusive merchandise, and signed artwork available to the public never missing on a chance to promote the bejeezus out of the smallest events.

Disney Parks Blog posted some beautiful pictures of the mansion for the event. Even though the place is supposed to be a "haunted" mansion, the building sure glistens with detail. How come their cobwebs and dust looks better than the cobwebs and dust at my house? HM was the last ride Walt Disney was personally involved in developing with his masterful use of imagination and creativity. The Haunted Mansion is one of Disneyland's crown jewels.

A Disney Parks Blog Photo

Yet strangely enough, the Haunted Mansion is not one of my favorite attractions in the park. Maybe I take it for granted because there is never too long of a wait and always seems to be available. Maybe I've been on it too many times. I find the non-holiiday version a little boring. How can you say that about a ride that is 13 minutes long and can load about 3000 people an hour? The truth is I admire a ride I find rather drab and colorless. I actually prefer the holiday version that seems a bit more on the fun side.

A Disney Parks Blog Photo

On our last trip to Disneyland I looked down from the Main St. train station platform and saw Bob Gurr talking to some cast members. Bob was one Walt's main imagineers on the Haunted Mansion project and actually developed the "Doom Buggy" omnimover ride system. He was on one of yesterday's panels and talked about the ideas for and construction of the great attraction. I'm sure he is proud.

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