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Monday, November 21, 2011

How To Keep Your Belly Full For About 25 Bucks

Now doubt about it - eating at Disneyland or Disney California Adventure can be an expensive proposition. Trying to keep the food costs down while remaining in the parks is a bit of a challenge. Here are the Disneyland Traveler's choices for filling food that will last you while remaining on a tight budget. If you are on some kind of diet and watching calories, carbs, or cholesterol, you might as well stop reading now because none of this would probably be looked up as good dietary choices by your family physician. Also keep in my I'm leaving off drinks and taxes. Your on your own for adding that in.

In the morning, try a giant cinnamon roll, sticky bun, or a muffin from the Blue Ribbon (soon to be Jolly Holiday) Bakery. Some of these items may also be available at one of the more adventurous coffee kiosk stands as well. It will run you around 4 bucks give or take a bit.

For lunch, go for the gut busting corn dog from the Little Red Wagon on Main St. or Corn Dog Castle in DCA. At around 6 bucks, you might not even be able to finish the thing before the grease kicks in. It comes with either potato chips or apples. Get the apples if you want to cut the grease a little bit. Get the potato chips if you just don't care and have a cast iron stomach.

Dinner? Nothing fills you up like soup in a bread bowl especially if you can finish it off. Clam Chowder and Gumbo are the popular choices though the Pacific Wharf Cafe changes it up a bit with Corn Cowder or Broccoli and Cheese for some variety. The Boudin sourdough bread vessel is sometimes better than the soup itself. The bread bowl soups run around 9 bucks

A nice filling snack to eat on the run? - try a Mickey Mouse pretzel from one of the numerous locations it is available. I like the one stuffed with cream cheese and jalapeno and runs around $3.50.

The four items mentioned above should last you for the day and keep you on the move (providing they also don't induce the sudden need for taking a nap following consumption). Some other good choices for cheap filling food would be stuffed potatoes served at the Troubadour Tavern in Fantasyland (around $7) and pastas that come from the Pizza Port in Tomrrowland or Boardwalk Pasta and Pizza over in DCA (closer to $10). The ones ladened with cream sauces are especially filling (can anyone picture the episode from The Office where Michael Scott feels the need to load up on carbs before a 5K fun run so he poishes off a large order of fettuccine Alfredo? - hysterical).

There you have it. Far easier on the wallet than a Monte Cristo sandwich from the Blue Bayou which runs almost $25 by itself.

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