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Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Christmas Season Just Got Longer

Writing a blog like this tends to be a voyage of discovery, of re-discovery, of self discovery. You learn things about yourself and how you look at them.  I love Christmastime - it's my favorite time of the year for the most part (minus all the commercialism).  Please note there is nothing in this blog about Xmas or generic Happy Holidays.  Its Christmas pure and simple.

So here it is on November 5th and I've been posting in this blog about Christmas at Disneyland for a week.  I have had a chance to watch from afar how Disneyland is putting up their decorations.  I have had a chance to look at photographs and videos from my own trips to Disneyland during the Christmas season.  For me now, Christmas is no longer become that time of year after Thanksgiving.  By writing this blog my Christmas season is now two months long and what is wrong with that?  What is wrong with extended a time of year you love to celebrate?  Absolutely nothing as far as I am concerned.

A week ago I watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown".  It is all I can do keep myself from putting in my DVD of "A Charlie Brown Christmas".  Heck, if I had any ambition at all, I would start decorating the house.

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