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Monday, February 4, 2013

The New Home For Disney Prince$$e$

Model for Disney's Fantasy Faire Village
A Disney Photo

March 12 has been set for the opening date of Disneyland's Fantasy Faire Village which is now nearing completion of its construction. The date corresponds nicely with the busy Disneyland Spring Break season which now seems to run from mid-March until the end of April. The photos of the near completed village show a great deal of detail and charm but underneath it all, it really is just an elaborate meet and greet for the newly relocated Disney Princesses. 

There's big money in princesses. I have now doubt the best photo ops will be reserved for those who purchase and make use of Disney's expensive Photo Pass services. And of course, a princess meet and greet would not be complete without a gift shop which specializes in all things Disney princess related. And just to pull your wallet out one more time, the Fantasy Faire Village will offer some snack foods and beverages that are not available anywhere else in the park.

I look forward to when I can whip out my trusty camera and shoot many pictures of the ornate village but as for the rest of it, I'll pass. Like ToonTown, for a grown-up without kids, Fantasy Faire Village is an elaborate facade covering little of interest. For parents of kids wanting to meet their favorite Disney princess, get ready to wait and probably wait a long time this spring and summer, and maybe spend a few bucks too.

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