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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Disneyland Iron Man

Don't get me wrong, our trip to Disneyland in December was nice but still....something wasn't quite right. My friend Mike at work has been telling me about a trip he is planning with his wife in April to Zion National Park in Utah. Then it dawned on me. For Mrs. DisneylandTraveler and myself, every vacation we have taken since 1999 has been to Disneyland. I reckon it's probably somewhere between 15 and 20 weeks we have spent there over the last 15 years. 

Our December trip had a lot of the sense of "been here, done that" about it.  We start to compare one trip with another and begin to pick at things and criticize rather than really enjoy the experience. I am Disneyland Iron Man I suppose, constantly coming back to do battle with the park. There have been a lot of victories in our trips to Disneyland but also some battle weary soreness and scars. Maybe it's time for a break.

There are other places to go besides Disneyland. We live less than two hours from Lake Tahoe and it's probably been a dozen years since we have been there. I grew up in San Francisco and migrated to lovely Sonoma County in my teens, yet we never go there. We had a trip all planned to Monterey one year and for some reason, it got dropped. 

Maybe it's time to take some other Adventures besides going to Adventureland and riding the Jungle Cruise. There are plenty of zoos with real animals easily found.

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