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Sunday, March 6, 2016

The World of Color Dessert Party

Mrs. DisneylandTraveler is not huge fan of DCA's World of Color water show spectacular. Oh, the show is fine, glorious in fact. Mrs. DLT's issue is the endless standing. Standing to wait for the show to begin, standing throughout the 25 minute performance. After and hour and half of standing around, it's then time to leave and Mrs. DLT, after being on her feet in one spot for that long, is pretty cranky.

But the Disney people are solutions oriented and understand the issue with their guests having to stand for endless amounts of time for a nighttime show after running around their theme parks all day. The good folks at Disney announced a World of Color Dessert Party offering last week which promises a nice seat with the prime view of the show. And you get a dessert to boot. The cost for a seat and something like a cupcake? How about a nice $79 per person (but that includes tax and gratuity).

Mrs. DLT is sleeping in this morning. Can't wait to tell her that Disney is finally offering a seat for the World of Color show. She'll be thrilled. And when I tell her it's only $79, she's probably going to want to break something. I'll tell her the good news, probably at a safe distance of about 20 ft.

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  1. Dessert parties are simply amazing for kid’s and everyone. Last year I throw a party in venues in atlanta with Disney theme. Every kid just enjoyed that party. Well this year I am planning to go Disneyland with my both kids and wife on my daughter birthday. What you say?