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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Vintage Disneyland (Remember When?)

First off, these pictures are not mine, but this morning I was just Googling vintage Disneyland photos and these popped up. Without mentioning my age, and going back through the years, I still remember when Disney had the views from what is depicted these photographs. It's a little bit of journey back in time. I remember leaving a little Instamatic camera on one of those Skyway buckets. Never did get it back.

I remember making that long drive from Northern California with my parents and being greeted by this sign. Few things in my life have given me such shear excitement as being a kid, pulling close to the park, and seeing this sight. We made it!

I remember when a trip on the parking lot tram was a ride for me.  And a space age monorail? Life doesn't get a better than a ride on that.

Remember when the subs were painted drab Navy gray and the journey around the lagoon was a journey of unexplored adventure touched with a bit of science? It was a far cry from chasing after a cartoon fish as it is today.

The People Mover was a slow ponderous ride. It was also classic Disney and sorely missed. Back in the day, the Astro Orbitor sat up on an elevated platform bringing your further up in the sky.

Yep, those were the days. Those were the days. A Magic Kingdom indeed for a little kid.

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