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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Favorite Disneyland Photos #1 - Quiet Matterhorn

As I move on through this blog, I constantly have to revisit my Disneyland digital photographs looking for what hopefully is the right picture to go along with whatever I am writing about in the blog. Sometimes I have the right picture. Sometimes I have to settle for the best that I have on hand with a reminder to myself that I need to get a better shot of xxxxxx on my next trip. I suppose the constant looking through the photographs would be easier if I had them better organized but I really don't. I just have them organized by year.

For the readers of this blog, these pictures that I select as my favorites may not seem like anything special but there is just something appealing about them to me, something that catches my eye in an interesting way.

The picture above (and the one below) are from 2004 taken with my first 3mp Fuji digital camera. These are pictures of Matterhorn Bobsled cars (now retired) first thing in the morning before the ride has started to take on guests. The picture above I like because its like peeking around a piece of foliage to steel a glance at something very special at an interesting angle. The picture below is a step or two away with the bobsled cars quietly lined up waiting for the busy day ahead of taking delighted Disneyland guests up and down the iconic mountain. The stories those sleds must have.

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