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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Limited Time Magic - So Far - Old Ideas In A New Package

Impressed with Disneyland's Limited Time Magic promotion so far? Somehow, I think I've seen this all before as Disney comes up with new ways to pull things out of there park archives, put it in a new package, then call it Limited Time Magic. There doesn't seem to be a lot of original thought going on here.

We've had the 3 Kings Day celebration. They did that last year. We have a Salute to the Golden Horseshoe Revue - nice - but that show came and went and the new (shorter) show just borrows from the old classic show minus some of the comedy bits. We are now in 3 weekends of celebrating Mardi Gras which seems to bring out a lot of the same elements Disney used when they were promoting The Princess and the Frog (an excellent movie BTW). Some New Orleans Jazz, a few special dining options from the NOS dining establishements and, well, you get the picture - been there, done that. 

During Valentine's week, Limited Time Magic brings a week of love. Really? Kind of a no brainer there. They've announced a week of celebrating American independence during the July 4th holiday - something that has been done forever as far as I know. Also coming up in February comes a solute the the Chinese Lunar New Year over in DCA. Below is a promotional Mickey and Minnie picture from Disney Parks Blog. Somehow I get the feeling I've seen that picture before.

Mickey and Minnie Celebrate The Lunar New Year
A Disney Parks Blog Photo

Maybe there will be something in this Limited Time Magic promotion that strikes the imagination and shows some original creativity. So far it appears to be a lot of retreaded material from Disney's bag of tricks.

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