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Monday, January 21, 2013

The Swedish Chef Promotes SportsCenter

It was only a matter of time. In what may be the widest stretch of Disney cross promoting its franchises (as they have a tendency to do) the Muppet's Swedish Chef has shown up on an ESPN SportsCenter promotional commercial. And its funny. Also appearing is New York Ranger's goalie Henrik Lundqvist who, as a Swede, may be the only person who can actually understand the ramblings of the temperamental chef. Disney owns the Muppets (and the Swedish Chef). Disney owns ESPN. As far as I know, Disney does not own Lundqvist.


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  1. I actually just saw this commercial for the first time and it struck me quickly that the Muppets and ESPN have the same parent company (Disney) and I was curious as to whether or not this connection had been pointed out anywhere so I searched for it and found your blog post--which is the only mention of the connection that I can find. So there you go: it's just you. Thanks, though: now I don't have to post about it. :)