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Friday, April 12, 2013

Assembling A Disneyland Trip - #4

So here I am in my cubicle at work trying to tie up loose ends so I can get out of here this afternoon with a clear conscience. Then I get the call. I should have expected it. It's Mrs. DisneylandTraveler on the other end - "I've got so much to do to get ready!!! I've got clothes to wash. Everything has been moved out of the bedroom because the carpet cleaners are here. I haven't even begun to pack. I wanted to get my toe nails done....."
Toe nails?
I wanted to make a remark to her about passing on the toe nails and spend more time about what goes in the suitcase but thought better of it. A remark like "It's your feet - nobody cares about your feet in Disneyland. Besides if you don't spend at least 80% of your time in comfortable tennis shoes, your probably going to be sorry". I wanted to say that but didn't. We've got a good 7 or 8 hours in the car together tomorrow and I've been on trips where the bulk of it was spent in awkward silence. Not fun (works better on the ride home). Instead, I reassured her not to worry and that it will all get done.
So tonite the pressure will build and the delicate dance is on to not say anything that will send a panic stricken Mrs. DLT over the edge. We've done this enough times to know exactly we need to do. There shouldn't be any panic involved but the reality is that before Disneyland magic begins there is a period of time when fun and magic are the furthest things from your mind.

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  1. Love it! We're headed that way in a few weeks. Have a great trip!