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Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Disneyland Traveler Returns...From Disneyland

Well, we are back. Our 6 day trip to Disneyland is now a whirlwind of random thoughts and memories. Now over the next several days, weeks, and even months, I get to try to assemble Disneyland pieces still floating in my brain into coherent reflections of a place that really means a lot to me. Sitting on a bench on Main St. waiting for the start of Mickey's Soundsational Parade (surprisingly entertaining and excellent - more later) I turned to Mrs. DisneylandTraveler and said, "You know, this is the part I like best".

Sitting on that bench, people gathered. People from all over the world. If there was rude or bad behavior by people in the six days we were in the park, I really didn't see any. What I did see were people and families having a good time. I saw an awful lot of smiles. When the parade started, children lit up like Christmas trees smiling, laughing and pointing at the assortment of characters as they passed by. It was a joyful celebration and that pretty much describes our week.

Oh for sure, there were hits and there were misses, but overall we had a wonderful time. It would be nice to sit here and tell of how rejuvenated and refreshed I feel but truth be told, Mrs. DLT and I are exhausted. Our feet our sore, our bodies beaten down and worn out. But it's all worth it. Thousands of steps produces a multitude of memories. For those down on Disney for its corporate calculating plan to separate people from their money in every conceivable way possible, the one thing that often gets left out is that Disney and Disneyland knows how to deliver first class entertainment. Whatever we ended up spending on this trip, it was worth every penny. 

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