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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Is Spending 24 Hrs In Disneyland Too Much Of A Good Thing?

Coming Soon - Disney Parks Monstrous Summer
And Disney Pixar's Monsters University

On our recently completed trip to Disneyland during an off-season period, the parks were basically opened from 10 - 9 on Monday through Thursday during our stay. They opened an hour earlier and closed at 11 on the Sunday and Friday. Mrs. DisneylandTraveler and I would show up when the parks opened and left when they were ready to shut the place down. By the time we left at the end of our Disney day, we were tired (bordering on exhausted) and ready for the welcoming bed at our hotel.

Disney Park's summer promotion for this year was kicked off this past week and is centered around the June release of Pixar's Monsters University, the sequel to the massively popular Monsters Inc. The Disney Parks summer promotion is dubbed Monstrous Summer and officially kicks off May 24th with Disneyland and DCA opened for 24 hours. What? 24 hours?

You see Mrs. DLT and I are what is described as "no spring chickens anymore". The concept of spending 24 hours in Disneyland, while an experience for sure, is something that would be unfathomable to us who welcome a good night's sleep in a comfortable bed at our age.

Disneyland tried this open 24 hour thing before, last year on February 29 - leap day - and was dubbed One More Disney Day. With only Disneyland opened, the masses of Annual Passholder showed up with more than 100,000 people trying to force their way through the turnstiles. Of course, Disney did not have the staffing to handle this quantity of people and the event was met with what many described as nothing short of chaos.

Thinking they have learned their lesson and opening both Disney and Disney California Adventure with proper staffing, Disney looks as May 24th as being as something of a gold mine. I hope they're right because last year's event was met with the problems of assorted confrontations and short tempers as a result of not being able to handle the masses.

I remember reading on forum where people used the bare hardwood floor of the Main Street Cinema as a place for people to stretch out and catch some sleep. So that's what I don't get. Why would anyone want to sleep on the floor of a Disneyland attraction when they have have a perfectly decent bed at home?

Like I said. I'm no spring chicken anymore.

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  1. I know what you mean. I spent half a day at the MK at WDW on the "One More Disney Day" but those who stayed the full 24 hours were crazy - lol!