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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sometimes The Limited Time Magic Idea Actually Works.

A Patriotic Celebration At Disneyland
A Disney Parks Blog Photo

I'm not the first writer who has been confused by Disney Park's Limited Time Magic promotional theme this year. Many bloggers have written that they are just not sure what Limited Magic really is. I don't even think Disney knows for sure as they seem to make up "limited time magic" events as the year goes along, some of which are nothing short of head-scratchers.

The Fourth of July has always been BIG at Disneyland. When the Fourth of July falls on a weekend, it becomes a really big weekend. But the Fourth fell on a Thursday this year....enter Limited Time Magic and this time the idea really works. Instead of a one Day celebration or a weekend celebration, the Fourth of July this year became a full seven day patriotic event that gave a large group of park visitors access to all the festivities throughout the week rather than have them crowd in on a single day or weekend. The fireworks display that will go off tonight on July 7th is the same show that went off on the Fourth, or July 1st for that matter.. World of Color's grand July 4th pre-show has gone off all week. The bands have played with both parks trimmed out in their best red, white, and blue.

What Limited Time Magic really is, is a chance for Disney to tie up special days and seasons into neat little packages then promote them to consumers looking for something extra in their visit a Disney Park. Sometimes the idea has been nothing short of silly, but putting a nice package around a 7 day event celebrating the Fourth of July seems like a really nice idea.

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