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Monday, March 3, 2014

Giving Up on the Refurbishment Merry-Go-Round

Thunder Mountain Railroad - still under refurbishment

Over there.... on the right hand side of this page, I used to try and keep track of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure refurbishments and closures. But I give up. I have removed the refurbishment schedules from this blog because Disneyland would continually make a monkey or fool out of me by changing, delaying, or calling off scheduled refurbishments. It was like trying to hit a continually moving target. There are plenty of websites trying to capture refurbishments already.....why should I just frustrate myself? Better yet, check the Disneyland official website for the latest and greatest of what rides, restaurants, and attractions are scheduled for downtime.

From my point of view, other than a few classic attractions like Pirates or the Disneyland Railroad, you can shut down half the rides and attractions in either park and I could still find a way to have a really good time. At my age, you make the best with what you have. Disneyland gives you plenty of options. If something is closed, just move along and you will find something else to delight and keep you entertained.  

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