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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Is California Screamin' A True Disney Attraction?

Let's face it - size matters. When talking about Disney Parks classic ride attractions, does California Screamin' make the grade? The coaster has zero Disney theming. The ride queue and loading platform are about as vanilla as it gets. The ride was purchased from a European manufacturer rather than being Disney "imagineered"? Just what's so Disney about California Screamin'.

Well, nothing at all. It has nothing Disney related going for it. California Screamin's can and probably does exist in any major theme park in countless cities around the world. But yet all but hardened Disney traditionalists kind of look fondly on California Screamin'. Why? Because the ride is huge and certainly isn't going anywhere. It's better to adapt and learn to love it. Besides, the huge structure does provide a backdrop for the well themed Paradise Pier section of Disney California Adventure. And the ride is fun, fast, thrilling, and to my knowledge, the only Disney ride that has a loop.

Now, if only Disney could do something about that ugly queue line and loading platform some day, the ride may finally get the Disney boost it deserves.

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  1. Interesting thoughts, I just ran across this and thought I'd add one thing. Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom at Disney World has a loop as I recall. The two rides are exciting roller coasters but Expedition Everest is classic Disney while as you point out California Screaming is a pretty standard coaster ride. However it does fit the pier feel nicely.