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Friday, May 23, 2014

Welcome Summer - The Latest Disneyland Price Increases

That whizzing sound you heard last Sunday was Walt Disney spinning in his grave over the thought that a single day park hopper to his beloved theme park hit the $150 price mark with the latest round of Disney Parks admission price increases. For the last couple of years I've ranted and railed at the annual price increases but this year ...... I've just resigned myself to the fact that Disney raises prices before every summer season simply because they can get away with it.
I think my first Deluxe Annual Pass was around $239. As of last week, that same Annual Pass is now at $519. Ouch! - with that sound coming from my wallet and credit card pinching my rear end. But so it goes as they say.
So the price increases weren't anything jaw dropping, just enough to make you shake your head and question is is all worth it. Perhaps the biggest news out of last week's price increases was the suspension of the wildly popular Southern California Annal Pass. You can renew your SoCal AP but you are now unable to buy a new one. Speculation from numerous Internet sources that this may be the first step in eliminating the lower priced Southern California Annual Passes whose holders flood the parks with bodies while often not dropping a lot of dollars which Disney loves from tourists and park guests. As a non-local, anything to drop the crowds and making the Disney day more pleasurable is welcome.

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