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Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Disneyland Traveler Explains

It's a little on the cool, breezy side here at home today. A perfect Disneyland day I would say. Hard to believe that in less than a week, the temperatures are going to be pushing triple digits. Not a perfect Disneyland day I would dare to say.

The Disneyland Traveler has taken some time off away from this blog for the last several weeks. Some of you who have followed The Disneyland Traveler Blog for some time understand the reason why there has been an absence of writing. For the casual or new reader of this blog, here is the explanation. About a year ago my father-in-law came to live with Mrs. DisneylandTraveler and myself. He suffers from Alzheimer's Disease, a disease that robs people of short term memory and progresses to worsening stages from there. He requires nearly constant attention. Needless to say, there really aren't any trips to Disneyland planned for the immediate future for us. There is little time to think Disney at all.

But I miss writing this blog. And while it may not be as prolific as it once was, many have encouraged me to continue writing it. I'll certainly give it my best shot. Thank you to all those who have emailed me and encouraged me to write. It means a lot. Most true Disney people are the best because they can find reasons to smile even when things seem a little hopeless.

Like Steamboat Willie handling that steering wheel, whistling a tune, the Disneyland Traveler continues on.

Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie - Disney Animation

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  1. Thank you for coming back, David. Many of us can understand your situation and we hope you can have a great Disney day again soon!