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Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Disneyland Traveler Gets Packing

Well a week from tomorrow, the Disneyland Traveler will be making that 450 mile trek down to our favorite theme park - Disneyland.  The first 325 miles or so is I-5 nothingness mostly comprised of farmland and pastures broken up by pockets of gas stations and food places. Boring. Then you hit the grapevine and up the mountains that head into the land of white knuckle driving. Everybody drives in L.A. I can't think of anyone who remotely touches a freeway can enjoy it. It can be down right scary!

It should take us about 6 or 6 and half hours to make it to our hotel. Check in time is 3:00 pm. So what is the routine once we arrive? Drop of the bags and beat it over to the parks? No, as I've gotten older I've learned to pace myself. Get the bags into the room. Do some unpacking and preparation for the week and then sit down and rest a bit. There will be plenty of times for the parks. They're not going anywhere and I have a whole week ahead of me. The past couple of trips, we have found a nice place to eat dinner (Bubba Gump's over at the Garden Walk has been a popular favorite lately) then head back to the room for some relaxation and an early bedtime because come Monday morning, we are off to the races.

Mrs. DisneylandTraveler won't be coming with me on this trip. I will have my sister with me and we will be meeting up with a couple of wings of a family tribe during the week. Mrs DLT went with her son to Disneyland while I stayed home to stay with our dogs a few months back. This is a little payback. It's gotten quite expensive to board our dogs and bringing them over to someone's house for them to take care of the animals is asking a lot. I know people who will do it but would not want to make it a habitual practice. Did I mention we also have a cat? Hopefully, Mrs DLT and I will call on that favor as we get closer to the holidays.

Time goes by fast. There still is a lot to do. I use to say if you used the expression "let's go on a trip to Disneyland" my response would be "give me an hour and I'll be ready". I'm not that naive anymore. It takes more than an hour as you get the right clothes washed and packed. I need to prepare whatever cameras I plan to take. Need to go to the store to bring some drinks and snacks for the room. I also pack up a power strip and extension cord just in case. So that 's what I will be doing throughout this week and as I plan, organize, and try not to forget anything. I'll be ready. That's for sure.


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