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Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Disneyland Traveler, Traders Sam's, & the Big Fall

Trader Sam's is a fun oasis within the confines of the Disneyland Hotel. Well, stripping away most of the elaborate theming of the place, it's a tiki bar. They serve up some mighty exotic drinks (often served in  tropical souvenir mugs you can buy and take home - I have 3) and they also offer a fine selection of appetizers - my favorites are the chicken lettuce wraps and the fried long beans. Even Mrs DisneylandTraveler, who does not drink at all, loves the place.

When certain drinks are ordered the place erupts with volcano rumblings, bells clanging, and pictures moving on the wall. Although inside Trader Sam's is not all that big, there is a lot of room for outside seating. During the day, a place can be found inside to get the full 9 yards worth of fun.

Scene of the crime

So on our last trip earlier this year we made our usual trek through Downtown Disney which usually concludes with a visit to Trader Sam's. There were seats empty at the bar when we got there early so Mrs DLT ordered a virgin something or other. I ordered something a little stronger but came in a souvenir mug so I could add to my collection. We did our consumption and were getting ready to leave but my left foot had fallen asleep while resting on the bar railing. I wiggled it a few times and thought it was waking up. The rest of this story is true but with God as my witness., this what happened.

As I stood up, and as what usually happens within Disney properties, some guy jumped into my now vacant bar stool. I stood for a moment and thought my foot was sufficiently awake enough to begin the walk out of Trader Sam's. I thought wrong. That first step was like stepping into the abyss and there was nothing beneath me. I crashed and tumbled into the table in the above picture only now there were people sitting at the table as the tiki bar began to fill. I excused myself and somehow managed to pull myself up with no damage caused to the people sitting at the table only embarrassment to my pride. I apologized and said my foot had fallen asleep. Whether they believed me or not, I don't know.

I hobbled out of Trader Sam's only to be greeted by some Disneyland Hotel manager who asked if I was alright or needed to see a nurse. Embarrassed as I was, I just said I was fine and twisted my ankle a little bit but would be OK.  We made our back through Downtown Disney with me having to stop every so often to give my sore foot a break. That night, two kindly ladies offered Mrs DLT and myself a spot on their bench to see the Electrical Parade. Mrs. DLT went on to tell them the whole story of my fall. Turns out they were nurses who said I should be seen by a doctor as soon as possible. I wasn't about to go see a strange doctor 500 miles from home so kept reassuring Mrs DLT that is was only sprain and I'd be able to stick it out the next 3 days we were scheduled to be there. She reluctantly accepted but still thought I needed to be seen by a doctor. When we got back to the hotel room my foot looked like below and only got worse.

But Disney trooper as I am, stuck it put and hobbled through the next 3 days painfully and with frequent breaks toy sit down and rest my foot. When I got back home, I did go to see my regular doctor who immediately sent my for an X-ray and came back that not only was the foot sprained but also had a fracture. So for the next 6 weeks at home or at work, I was saddled with a large walking boot that is still sitting here in the living room for some reason. Maybe it's waiting for my next trip in a couple of weeks. Maybe I should take it with me. I asked the orthopedic doctor who examined my foot if walking around Disneyland for 3 days after the fall had caused additional damage to the foot. He said 'No' the damage came with the fall and the way to move forward was to treat it and immobilize it.  Mrs. DLT still says I should have seen a doctor when it happened but just meant we probably would have to come home and miss out on the trip we had planned. Wasn't going to do it.

My friend for 6 weeks


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