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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Accidental ASIMO

Like a lot of Disneyland fans, I think Innoventions is a zit on the pristine face of America's best and greatest theme parks. Over the last dozen years or so and countless days in the park, I think I have gone into Innoventions twice - the last time being 2008 and the only reason was that it was pouring down rain and Disneyland was doing what Disneyland does in the rain, close things down and force people indoors. Mrs. DisneylandTraveler and me got forced into Innoventions to retreat from the rather harsh elements that day.

I had heard a bit about ASIMO, the Honda robot, through the years but again, with him (it?) actually being inside Innoventions, I never felt compelled to go in and check him (it?) out knowing the surrounding gaming and computer geekfest had little interest for me thinking I could see most of this stuff elsewhere where time isn't as valuable as it is in Disneyland. But that day in 2008 was different, Mrs. DLT and I trudged into Innovention soaking wet and put up with nonsense from the likes of Yamaha, HP, and Microsoft. And we grabbed a couple of tickets to go see ASIMO.

The little robot blew me away in a funky kind of way with the little show / demonstration they put on.  He (it?) was amazing. So while I have little good to say about Innoventions other than with the corporate underwriting and funding it does bring extra income into the park where the money is put to better use, I can heartily recommend seeing ASIMO at least once just skip everything else in there and try and get our as quick as you can.  The ASIMO show is only about 15 or 20 minutes - well worth it. As for the him/it thing  - well it is an 'it' but that little boy voice kind of throws you. 

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