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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pondering Disneyland Questions

I loved the Pinky and the Brain cartoons from Steven Spielberg a few years back. There is something to be admired about a lab mouse whose singular purpose in life in episode after episode was to try and take over the world. And the Brain would constantly pose the question to his dim-witted friend when a brilliant scheme popped into his head "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?". So here are some Disneyland questions I'm pondering on a Saturday morning as a storm is brewing outside.

(Note: some of these questions have appeared before in this blog, just haven't got really good answers for them).

Does anyone really "get" Mr. Toad's Wild ride and its appeal, a ride that eventually takes its passengers on a maniacal trip to hell?

Mrs. DisneylandTraveler loves Indiana Jones.  More than once we headed over there when the park opened up to avoid the long line and not having to bother a fast pass. More than once, the park opened with the ride closed due to mechanical problems.  How does a featured attraction have technical difficulties before a single person rides on it?

I wouldn't ride it of course but I look at the Gadget Go-Coaster then I look at the line to get on. How long would you stand in line for a 30 second ride?

Speaking of, is Peter Pan's Flight worth the wait?

What is the worst job in Disneyland? (I'm voting for that poor cast member who has to keep numb skulls who probably know better away from standing in front and sitting on top of the wall by the River Belle Terrace before a performance of Fantasmic).

How can counter service dining facilities operate so slowly when essentially they are serving food that has already been prepared?

Does Disneyland really need all those survey takers?

Don't you wish The Jungle Cruise boats had a better sound system? ("What did he just say???")

Does Disneyland need a petting zoo where 90% of the residents are goats?

Why is that Fantasyland Skyway station still standing 20 years after the ride shut down and there isn't a chance it will come back?

Finally, it was a poor idea to bring it back to begin with, can we now permanently retire Captain EO and spare us all of the silliness?

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