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Sunday, March 25, 2012

How Much Is That Picture In The Window?

Pieces of Eight Store Window 2008 - Pirates of the Caribbean - Disneyland
I may have written about this before...I don't know...I've written about so many things in this blog over the last 10 months that it is hard to remember or keep track.  Anyway, I saw this picture in my collection again this morning and reminded me of the story and an incredibly good idea that I have yet to follow up on.

Mrs. DisneylandTraveler and I had just gotten off Pirates of the Caribbean and glanced in the window of the conveniently placed Pieces of Eight souvenir store at the exit of the ride. This picture immediately caught Mrs. DLT's attention as a souvenir artwork to put up on if not one of our walls then The Boy would love it on his. She immediately ran inside to ask about it. "Where is that framed Pirates picture that you have in the window?" she asked the cast member. The CM looked at her like she was speaking Greek.  "We don't have any framed Pirates pictures in here" he answered back with a confused look on his face.

"Yes.... the picture, like the one that is in the display window" Mrs. DLT shot back. So the CM, Mrs. DLT, and I all headed back outside to look at the picture in the window. "That picture!" she said pointing to the window.  The CM kind of chuckled and said that wasn't really for sale, "It's a window decoration, the decorators take one our T-shirts, stretch it on a canvas backing, that put a frame around it. It's really just a framed T-shirt". Well, for Mrs. DLT and I, our jaws dropped. Sure enough, when we went back inside the store, we found the very same T-shirt. 

We thought a lot about that picture/T-shirt throughout the day. We even thought about buying shirts ourselves, mounting them, framing them, and selling them on eBay. That was years ago now, and we've yet to do one for ourselves let alone sell them on eBay and there are plenty of Disneyland T-Shirts around here that aren't worn and would be put to better use displayed on wall rather than hanging in the back of a closet. It's still a great idea. Maybe someday. Famous last words.

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