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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Moment of Silence for the Passing of ElecTRONica

ElecTRONica Dancer - A Disney Parks Blog Photo
I just read in Disney Parks Blog (link to story) that ElecTRONica will shut down the portal permanently April 15th.  Pardon me while I have a moment of silence for its passing followed by a short prayer of thanksgiving.  Good riddance to the tons of Audio/Video equipment that ruined a perfectly nice walk through the Backlots area.  Laseman - nice to see you....once....that was quite enough....and to the obnoxious emcee and all the DJs....don't let the exit gate hit you in the rear on your way out of the park. As for the neon cocktails -I'm sure we'll meet again.  There's no way something that should have had a 6 months lifespan - tops - made it close to a year and a half.  And lets hear no more nonsense talk of a permanent TRON attraction in Tomorrowland.  The movie was no John Carter in the bombing category but its success was marginal at best and nothing to hang your hat as an attraction for decades extending into the future. Good-bye ElecTRONica - you milked a pretty good ride even though I was done with you a year ago...

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