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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Changing the Landscape - Removing Stuff from DCA

The X-1 in front of Taste Pilot's Grill - it has now been removed

As Buena Vista Street motors toward its June completion, the decision was made to remove a couple very large decorative pieces that have been in place since Disney California Adventure opened. The first item of note that was removed last week was the replica X-1 plane that came blasting out of the front of Taste Pilot's Grill over by Soarin' Over California.  It appears the rather large plane was rather an eyesore to the Buena Vista St. site lines so John Lasseter himself wanted it removed. I'm not sure how I feel about this.  I rather liked looking up seeing the X-1 and if you don't know its history, it is a replica of the jet plane that Chuck Yeager flew that first broke the sound barrier.  If you have an extra 3 hours, go rent the great movie The Right Stuff and see the X-1 in action.  Sorry to see it go but they could be right about the site lines.  A plane from the early 1950s in view from an area to was built to recreate Hollywood of the 20's and 30's - probably not cool.

The other two items of note removed were the two large elephants that sat on pedestools at the entrance to Hollywood Pictures Backlots (now known as Hollywood Land).  Been looking at these things for years.  Good riddance.  They were actually kind of silly looking.  I'm sure there is a story of what they were supposed to represent but I don't care enough to want to go find out why they were there in the first place.


  1. I could accept if they moved the X-1, but it makes me a little sick that it is gone altogether. I was shocked to see it gone today.

    That was a very important piece and the Cars movie shouldn't trump such an iconic momemt in aviation history :(

    1. I agree completely. When you walk through the Soarin' Over California queue line there all those photos of famous aviators that line the walkway. The flying of the X-1 marks a very special achievement in aviation and all those pilots who lived and died in the pursuit of advances in flight. Now granted, the X-1 attached to the front of a hamburger stand is a bit tacky but the plane was cool looking. If they you could find a away to mount a giant rocket engine/mister out in front of the Soarin's building itself, there should be a way to keep the X-1 out there as well. I would hate to think of it sitting in some parts/prop yard or warehouse.