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Monday, April 9, 2012

The WDW Avengers Skinned Monorail...That's OK, Keep It.

As they did to promote the release of the movie TRON: Legacy, our friends over at Walt Disney World (well, the U.S. Disney parks are all run by same cast of characters) has taken one of their monorails and put a skin on it to promote the upcoming Disney/Marvel movie The Avengers.  Here is a YouTube video produced by Disney of the monorail zipping around the WDW resort.

Now no one is looking forward to The Avengers more than I am.  I just watched Iron Man 1 last night and it is my plan to watch all the Avengers predecessor movies over the next month just to refresh my memory and be current with the story by the time the new movie hits the screen on May 4th.  Just for the record - Iron Man 1, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Captain America the First Avenger are the prequels to the The Avengers.  So having an Avengers themed monorail scoot around Walt Disney World this spring is a nice tie-in.

So as much as I am an Marvel / Avengers fan, Walt Disney World can keep the monorail with the cool skin job.  For as cool as the skin job is, the Walt Disney World's monorails are a generation  behind the monorails that run at Disneyland.  The Disneyland monorails are Mark VII's while Disney World still operates the Mark VI version.  The SoCal trains just look better just they are and really don't need any theming or "skinning" to improve their looks.  So thumbs up from the Disneyland Traveler to The Avengers themed monorail, just keep it in Florida.  We like our monorails just as the are in Blue, and Red, and Orange.

A couple of quick looks at the Monorail Red around Disneyland. 

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