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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sort of an Homage to the Humble Churro

Ah yes, the humble churro, a legend in its own time, possibly Disneyland's favorite snack food sold from churro carts which sometimes seem to be every 20 feet from one to the next.  Its a strange simple concoction, the Mexican equivalent of an American donut.  A churro is basically fried dough sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. 

Whenever the topic of Disneyland food comes up in a forum or discussion board, people will begin to sing the praises of getting a churro and enjoying its sweet goodness while strolling around the park.  Unlike other food items, the churro is good walking around food. You will have to stop to buy one but you don't have to stop to eat one. Its food subsistence that doesn't drag your Disney day to a grinding stop. 

I enjoy a good churro from time to time in my journeys around Disneyland.  Mrs. DisneylandTraveler and I usually split one.  Its a nice compromise when you just want a little something sweet.  I like a churro but I'm not in love with a churro as many seem to be. You see, I used the qualifier earlier of "a good" churro.  When the churro is fresh and warm it can be delectable goodness, a little crunchy on the outside, nice and chewy on the inside.  But these things can from fresh and warm to stale and hard at the drop of a hat.  Once they are ready to go, the churro is immediately on the clock as far as its shelf life goes.  A churro that has reached its point where it crosses over into the realm of passed its prime can, as they say, "poke your eye out with that thing".

There is the old episode of The Simpsons where Homer jumps the fence, by all appearances, of Disney World to save the price of admission. In his joy of beating the high cost of a Disney parks admission you can hear Homer holler out "Woo-Hoo!!!" then from the other side of the fence you hear Homer walking up to a churro cart vendor and say "One churro, please" to which the vendor replies, "That'll be fourteen dollars" to which Homer invariably exclaims "D'oh!".  So much for beating Disney prices.  Now a churro does not cost fourteen dollars.  It will set you back 3 bucks and some change last I looked.  Is it worth it? All things considered it probably is but is it worth its status as a great Disneyland food?  Not even close.

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