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Monday, December 17, 2012

Reversing The Tide Between Disneyland And DCA

It just dawned on me - I'm a little slow sometimes admittedly - but for the first time in maybe years, there is absolutely no construction projects going on in Disney California Adventure park. The new and improved version of the park sucks up guests like there's no tomorrow and treats them to a theme park experience unencumbered by unsightly walls, scaffolding, heavy equipment, and workers in hard hats. Not that improvements couldn't be made but for now, Disney is quite pleased with the park that they have sunk over a billion dollars into over the last couple of years.

But Disney, at least for now, is not resting on its laurels. The attention has turned to the grand old lady herself - Disneyland. Let's look what's going on now and what is about to transpire:

  • Construction of the new Princessess Fantasy Faire Village
  • Rebuilding of the old Fantasyland Theater for new live shows
  • Large Scale Refurbishment of Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Final refurbishment of the Alice in Wonderland exterior.
  • Transformation of the Market House into a Starbucks
  • And coming soon (hopefully), the announcement of Disneyland's Iron Man attraction

Walt said Disneyland would never be finished and he was right on. Disney charges a premium price for their theme park experience. To sit back and collect high priced admission receipts while doing nothing would be the height of corporate laziness (which sometimes could be seen in past Disney corporate regimes). Disney wants as much of their fans discretionary spending dollars as they can get and to get it, they need to continue to deliver the goods and flat out be better than everyone else in doing it.

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