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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Starbucks In Disneyland - Another Opportunity To Get In Line

Interior view of the Market House
Main Street Disneyland

Many of our Disneyland mornings begin with a great cup of coffee from Main Street's Market House. Save your receipt and they'll gladly refill your cup all day long free of charge. So this past week Disneyland insider David Koenig, in a MousePlanet article, reported that it was the Market House that was going to be the new home for the serving of Starbucks beverages in Disneyland. It makes sense though the early rumor had Starbucks moving their kiosk into a section of the Carnation Cafe across the street from the Market House. 

The Market House primarily serves coffee. Starbucks serves coffee related beverages. Why not put Starbucks in the Market House? There isn't a good reason other than this (and it is purely a selfish reason on my part) - getting a cup of coffee at the Market House was quick and easy, usually in and out. What Starbucks brings to the process is - and you can probably guess - a line, a long line, another line. My simple Disney morning just met another opportunity for getting frustrated.

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