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Monday, December 3, 2012

The One Thing Disney Can't Control - The Weather

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Much has been written about Disneyland's annual Candlelight Processional extending from 2 nights to 20 nights and much of it has not been good with Disney publicly flip-flopping all over themselves on just how they were going to administer the seating. And while this past weekend the Candlelight Processional performances were for invited guests and VIPs, Disney learned once again about the best layed plans....

It rained in Disneyland over the weekend, not really hard, but enough that most of the Candlelight Processional performances had to be cancelled. This comes on heels of last year's Candlelight Processional performances which also had to be cancelled because of rain. And more rain is predicted this week.

It's Southern California. No, it doesn't rain a whole lot at Disneyland in the course of year but it does rain and when it does it can be quite disruptive throughout the park because the place just isn't built to handle rain very well. Disney rushed this expanded Candlelight Processional for whatever their reasons were. A lot of people are going to go to these performances and end up leaving unhappy and frustrated for various reasons.

What Disney should have done was wait. Wait until next year when the covered Fantasyland Theater will have completed its remodeling and the performances could have gone on even in inclement weather. Sure, the Main St. location is probably better equipped to handle the large standing room crowd for the event but it sure plugs up the park entrance.

My suggestion would be to use the Fantasyland Theater for the reserve seating and limited standing room then put one of the massive HDTV monitors over in ToonTown for additional viewing. PS: Even if your Candlelight Processional event gets cancelled, be sure to pick up one or more of the many Candlelight Disneyland 2012 merchandise items that are available for sale on your way out of the park. 

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