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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Disney Movie Releases for 2013

I seemed to have spent a lot of time writing in this blog about why I am not standing in line today to to see Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful. I have no interest in seeing it. When it comes to home video - maybe, and that's only a maybe. But there are Disney (or Disney owned) movies I am looking forward to seeing in 2013.

Must See Disney (or Pixar, or Marvel) Movies:
Iron Man 3 (May)
Monsters University (June)
Thor: The Dark World (November)
Saving Mr. Banks (December)

Disney Movies I Have Little or No Interest in Seeing:
Oz The Great and Powerful (March) - I'm just not an Oz fan
The Lone Ranger (July) - The trailers seem very unappealing 
Planes (August) - This was supposed to go direct to video but someone saw $$$

Frozen (November) - Once known as The Snow Queen

Hmmm.....Interesting...... Of the 4 movies I really want to see only 1 (Saving Mr. Banks) is made by Disney Studios; 2 are made by Disney owned Marvel Studios and 1 is from Pixar Animation Studios.

Of the the 4 movies I have no interest in seeing (or in the case of Frozen, I just don't know yet), all are made by Disney. Which kind of leads to the thought that the movies that are most highly anticipated (by me anyway) are mostly made by film studios Disney has purchases rather their own productions. That looks like  trend that needs to change.

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