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Monday, March 25, 2013

Looks Like The Disneyland Light Is On

Things can change in a week. Things can change in a day. Heck, things can change in a moment of time. Last week, thinking about the impending arrival of my father-in-law and his need for care, I wasn't sure about when my next trip to Disneyland might be. It has already been far too long since my last visit. I thought about maybe I could tag along with my sister and her husband when they go down in May but that would be leaving Mrs. DisneylandTraveler behind to attend to her father while I was enjoying myself in our favorite place. That didn't seem right, didn't seem fair (though she encouraged me to go).

I was still asleep yesterday morning about 6:30 a.m. when she hopped on the side of the bed and said "I have an idea." 

"Huh? What?" I replied as I groggily tried to come to my senses.

"What if we tried to go to Disneyland before my dad gets here?"

Being the kind of person I am I immediately began to try and think of the reasons why a trip on such short notice would not be a good idea when all of our focus has been on her father's arrival. We got the house to get ready. We need to prepare him a room. There's spring cleaning to do. It's not a real good time at work with others already having time off scheduled. I've already discussed dates in May with my sister. The reasons and excuses went on and on in my head.

So over the course of the morning we began to talk our way through the timing and logistical obstacles trying to pave way for a time when Mrs. DLT could go to our favorite place together. And now, I think we can do it - driving down on the 14th of April and returning on the 20th.

We've already booked our room at the Candy Cane Inn. We've discussed how we our going to finance this Disneyland adventure that gets increasingly more expensive. We've discussed what we are going to do with the dog. We've discussed the things that we need to concentrate on regarding preparation for her dad coming to live with us both before leaving for a week and when we return. I just need to get things cleared at work tomorrow which is no easy task and may require some amount of pleading and calling out favors.

But yes, as of today, it looks like the Disneyland light is On when last week I was wondering if it just might be permanently Off. Things change. 


  1. Thank you so much... Not 100% yet but hopefully over the next day or two the final question marks can be lifted.