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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Marvel In Disneyland - It Was Never 'If' But 'When'

Marvel's Iron Man Display
So Disney Parks Blog has now put all the rumors and speculation to rest. In a post today (link), the land of Mickey, and Dumbo, and the Princesses, now gives way to Marvel's Iron Man. Beginning April 13, a display of Iron Man suits (versions I-VII) takes center stage inside Innoventions presented by Stark Industries. Also included is a virtual Iron Man suit where guests can simuate suiting up in the Iron Man get up. Trust me. The highly under utilized Innoventions will have lines out the wazoo to check this out.
Disneyland traditionalists have been dreading this day but it was always bound to happen. Disney invested over 4 billion dollars in purchasing Marvel and its an investment already paying huge dividends with last years "The Avengers". If they can get a few more people through the turnstiles by featuring Marvel displays (and an eventual Marvel E-Ticket attraction) they are going to run with it.
By contractual arrangement, a Marvel presence is not permitted in WDW (since Universal holds the Marvel character license for Islands of Adventure). Yep, a Marvel presence in a Disney Park in the U.S. is restricted to the west coast. Get ready Disneyland fans, there's an Iron Man in you midst. Everyone needs to just get along and share.

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