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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Final Starbuck's Plan For Disneyland's Main St.

Interior of The Market House Coffee Shop
A Disney Parks Blog Photo

Well last week, Disney Parks Blog posted the final plan for Starbuck's rolling into Main St. USA (link). As expected, Starbuck's will set up shop inside the current Market House and also take the space of the neighboring Disneyana store which features collectible items and Disney artwork but in recent years has been taking in more of the cheap souvenir type stuff Disney likes to push (vinylmation). The good news is it looks like Market House gets to keep its name along with some of its fixtures and charm (the pot bellied stove, checkerboard, old time telephones, etc.) even with the expected busy Starbucks activity. The revamped facility will also offer assorted pastries and treats to go along with your favorite delicious Starbuck's beverage something the Market House came up short on with only a very small offering of pastry items.

The real news is Disneyana will now be rolled in with the Disney Gallery in the bank building next to the Opera House to create more retail space for some of the better Disney items and downsize some of the exhibit space which doesn't get a lot of visitors. There already was some overlap between Disneyana and the Disney Gallery because both featured the best selections of Disney artwork in the park. While I'm not a fan of replacing things of interest with the Gallery's exhibits and replacing them with retail items, hopefully the new store will be sophisticated enough to show some of the best of what Disney has to offer its fans the not the cheap stuff that is plentiful in many (many) other locations around the park. The new store will also carry the Disneyana name.

If things are done right, it could be a win-win situation for Disney with both places getting considerably more foot traffic (and business) than they currently do. If MiceChat's Dateline Disneyland has it's facts right, the last day of Market House as we currently know it will be April 14. The Starbuck's Market House opens sometime in the fall.

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