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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Being Amused By Little Green Men

Without a doubt, Wall-E is my favorite Pixar character, a piece of metal that drips with the humanity, compassion, heart, and love we should all be praying for. But going through the shops at Disneyland and now going through my pictures for this blog I'm struck by how many pictures I have of Toy Story's Little Green Men. I'm somehow drawn to these little characters for my own peculiar reasons.

The Little Green Men amuse me. They make me smile. Why? Maybe it's because that in the tough enough world we live in, all Little Green Men know is how to smile. There's that and the fact that without any coaxing or prompting, they always seem to show up at the right time and do the right thing without asking for a thing in return. And then there's their ability to look at the world through their (3) eyes of endless fascination. The Little Green Men haven't been jaded yet. In their world, everything is still goooooooood.

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