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Friday, June 21, 2013

Pixar Goes Back To School With Monsters University

First up - I have not seen Monsters University which Disney - Pixar released today nor do I have any intention of seeing Monsters U. in the next week or so. These are the days when showings are packed with 6 year olds who may or may not be entertained by a 90 minute movie in a darkened theater. Sometimes it works. Sometimes - not so much and you walk out of the movie saying "never again". Anyway, I'll see it eventually
As for the movie's reception, Monsters University is getting the thumbs up from about 3 out of every four movie critics and about a 90% approval rating from us poor schleps who pay money to see it and that's pretty good. For some reason, many critics skip past the Academy Award winning Pixar effort Brave and go right back to Cars 2 for comparison to Monsters University and in that regard, Pixar returns to a winning formula after the incredibly lazy effort put into Cars 2, easily Pixar's worst film. Monsters University delivers an entertaining enough story and eye-popping visuals that is sure to please a wide audience.
Of course, critics have been quick to point out that while Monsters University is a fun movie, it is in no way comparable to the best of Pixar when the bar was set very high with Wall-E, Up, and Toy Story 3. Still this movie is going to do gang busters business at the box office and audiences are going to enjoy the ride all the way. Don't forget to buy the assorted toys and merchandise. Disney is counting on it.

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