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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Latest Disneyland "Snack" Food - The Pork Shank

Disneyland's Pork Shank "snack"
A Disney Parks Blog photo

They've been available in Disney World for the better part of 6 months now and came with Magic Kingdom's new Fantasyland expansion. From most of the accounts I have read, these things are pretty darn good. So now coming to Disneyland - The Pork Shank - the pig counterpart to the infamous turkey leg, which is available at Edelweiss Snacks (on the fringe of Fantasyland near the Matterhorn boarding area).  The Pork Shanks are also available for the summer in Frontierland at the Festival Arena Jamboree area according to the announcement in Disney Parks Blog.
Coming in at 22 oz. and $9.99, these juicy, salt-laden, artery cloggers should be a real hit but probably should be split with as many people as you can round up to keep your doctor happy. Your stomach may appreciate it to. Chowing down one of these and going for a ride on Space Mountain or Indiana Jones probably wouldn't be advised.

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