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Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Disneyland Traveler And His Cars Land June Pledge

Here what is?
That's it! I've had enough. My co-worker just returned from a trip to Disneyland with her daughter and grandsons. You would have thought Disneyland was renamed to Cars Land as that one small stretch of land with the big mountains at one end dominates the Disneyland discussion. Of course her grandsons are 2 and 4 and live in a world of Cars, their favorite movie so they now have Cars suitcases, Cars t-shirts, Cars mouse ears, and probably a gazillion other Cars related souvenirs. But I have had enough. I want my Disneyland back.

To their credit, Disney created something amazing with Cars Land. They recreated a town from an animated movie and gave us one of the great ride attractions in recent years with Radiator Springs Racers. While Cars Land itself is relatively small (and crowded and hot in the midday sun), Radiator Springs Racers is huge, dripping with detail, and most of all a lot of fun for guests of all ages. Cars Land probably would have been "cute" without the Racers attraction but with it, Cars Land is an over the top destination for anyone visiting the Disneyland Resort.

So after hearing about Cars Land for a year, making my first trip to Cars Land to see what all the fuss is about myself, and now hearing others talk about their first trip to Cars Land, I'm just about Cars Land out. There's a saturation point. If I hear Larry the Cable Guy do his Mater schpiel one more time, I'm going to beat my head against a wall. Who says there isn't money to be made in being a dufus?

So here is the Disneyland Traveler pledge for the month of June. I'm not going to write one word or post one picture about Cars Land for the next 30 days. I'm not going sing Cars Lands praises for how amazing it is or bother you with how sick and tired I am hearing about the place. There is still a Disneyland out there worthy of blog posting and discussion without reference to Cars Land. The Enchanted Tiki Room turns 50 years in a few weeks and in my book, talking birds trump an idiot talking tow truck any day of the week. Now that's something to write about.

Of course, if Cars Land disappears into a sink whole, all bets are off.

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