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Monday, October 28, 2013

Marvel Takes Over Innoventions Real Estate

Does this guy really look like the movie Thor?
A Disney Parks Blog photo

Last week Disney Parks Blog posted a couple of preliminary photos of the new Thor: Treasures of Asgard exhibit that will open in Tomrrowland's Innoventions building beginning November 1 ahead of the films general release on November 8 (link here). The exhibit shows off a few of the actual movie props then you cross over to an actual Thor meet and greet area. Now the Thor we see in the above picture doesn't look like Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor in the movie - but then again, who does? And while we are at it - can we get a Natalie Portman? But I digress....

The thought was that when Thor moved in, the current Iron Man exhibit would move out. Apparently this isn't the plan. Thor movies in, Iron Man stays, and I'm suspecting the when the new Captain America movie opens next year, a spot will be found in Innoventions for him as well. Exhibits are far cheaper than any kind of ride or attraction and what Disney has found is that the Marvel exhibits provide Innoventions something that the old building hasn't had in years - foot traffic. People are actually going inside.

I'm sure that Disney will get around to doing something with the building eventually but for now, showing off Marvel stuff seems to work out just fine.

Thor: The Dark World movie props
A Disney Parks Blog photo

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  1. The Tomorrowland Innovations building was one of the very few things where I felt like I had wasted my time going through. The displays for Marvel is all fine and dandy, if a bit sparse. But to get a pic with a character (which I didn't realize the lineup was to do because Captain America was hidden), you have to buy a photo thing from them (instead of using your own camera). The rest of the displays were shameless corporate marketing. I'd be ok if they tore that down and put in a ride or something actually innovative and fun, like the Animation Academy.