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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Disneyland's Harbour Galley Lobster Roll - YUM!

When you think about Disneyland dining, the Harbour Galley comes well down the list if it makes the list at all. The former server of McDonald's french fries in the park is tiny by walk-up dining facility standards with only about a half dozen or so tables surrounding it but the little place sits on a lovely spot overlooking the Rivers of America and possesses a certain amount of charm in its setting.

Disneyland has been tinkering with the menu at the Harbour Galley ever since they gave McDonalds the boot from their parks and last year, the little Harbour Galley introduced a lobster roll to the small menu. Now when many think of a lobster roll, they are thinking of what they serve up in New England with a toasted bun filled with chunks of freshly caught lobster and lightly tossed with a little mayonnaise and seasoning. These lobster rolls also run around $20 - $30 in many places.

Disneyland's offering isn't quite up to an authentic New England lobster roll, but at $13.99, it is quite good. Disneyland's version is essentially a couple of pieces of claw meat served over a lobster salad which is on a toasted bun. I had to eat mine with a knife and fork but that didn't matter because I enjoyed every bite of it. It's something I would definitely order again and the sandwich is far better than the overpriced offerings served at the Riverbelle Terrace which is just around the bend. The roll is served with home made potato chips which are also quite tasty.

Mrs.DisneylandTraveler wouldn't touch lobster if her life depended on it so to accomodate her, the Harbour Galley menu offered a barbequeued chicken baked potato (see picture below) which she enjoyed thoroughly. We both left the place quite happy and quite full. The Harbour Galley is now on our Disneyland dining must do list for our visits.

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