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Monday, January 13, 2014

This Spring Disneyland Approaches Wally World Territory

Remember the classic comedy National Lampoon's Vacation when Chevy Chase takes his Griswold family across country to vacation at "Wally World" only to find that the entire place is "closed for refurbishment" when they finally get there? Well, Disneyland isn't quite like Wally World as far as closing for refurbishment goes but sometimes it seems like they can get darn pretty close.

Mrs. DisneylandTraveler and myself have begun informal talks to see if we can make a trip to Disneyland toward the end of March, hopefully before the spring break season. Disneyland will be open but the list of attractions closed for refurbishment during our planned visit is a bit daunting. The following are scheduled to be closed according to some websites: Space Mountain, Indiana Jones Adventure, Soarin' Over California, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage (already closed), and Alice in Wonderland. That's quite a list considering the first 3 are considered prime E-Ticket attractions.

But as hard as this may be to swallow with families with kids, none of these attraction closures would be considered deal breakers for Mrs. DLT and myself planning a trip. We would question a Disneyland visit if Pirates of the Caribbean were closed and especially the closure of the Disneyland Railroad which we use a lot simply as convenient transportation.

If nothing else, big attraction closures may hold back the crowds a little bit and that just makes it better for us. The more space and shorter lines present, the better off we like. We like our Disneyland on the quieter side.

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