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Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Long Forgotten DCA Photograph

Superstar Limo Attraction in DCA - Oct 2002
I'm shocked I tell you, shocked!  So there I was rummaging through my collection of Disney pictures looking for photos of Muppets 3D in DCA, which will be featured in my next post, when there in the middle of the 2002 photos was this picture of the infamous SuperStar Limo attraction.  I had no idea I even had a picture of SSL.  By the time Mrs. DisneylandTraveler and I first visited Disney's California Adventure, the ride had already been shut down.  If it lasted a year, I'd be surprised.  I have another blog entry called Monsters Inc and the Creepy Superstar Limo from back in August that features a video ride through of the attraction that is out on YouTube.  Creepy is the right word alright. Anyway, I guess I just took this picture because it sat next to the Muppets 3D attraction. I'm surprised I had it at all.

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