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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Disney Parks "Limited Time Magic" 2013 Promotional Theme

Limited Time Magic Promotion - New York City
A Disney Photo

Every year or two, Disney presents us with a new promotional theme for getting people to start planning a visit to their local Disney theme park. This year in Times Square - New York City, with great fanfare and a giant ice sculpture castle, Disney gave us their new theme park promotion for 2013 - Limited Time Magic. 

"Wait a minute?" you might be saying to yourself as many bloggers and discussion board posters have - "Limited Time Magic? What the heck does that mean? Sounds more like a going the local mattress store having a going out of business sale.  Get her quick for the best deals for a limited time."

Well, this has nothing to do with discount sales. Quite the opposite. It has everything with Disney Parks staging 52 one week events (though some events may last only a day or two while others may be in place for a month) to bring guests in over and over to their local Disney park to see what's new this week. This is a promotion that seems directly directed at annual passholders with short attention spans and always looking for the latest thing going on at their Disney park and willing to pay for it in many cases. It also gives Disney opportunities to try several new things in the course of a year to see what may be a (financial) hit and what is a miss.

I tend to be cynical mostly. While there may be promotions over the course of the year in 2013 that I may really want to see, what Disney mostly wants is to get me through the turnstiles as many times as possible.

Limited Time Magic mostly seems like a lot of full time gimmicks aimed at keeping the money flowing Disney's way.

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