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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Looking Ahead To Attending Monsters Univiersity

A look the Monsters University Campus
Disney / Pixar's Monsters University website
The release date for the Monsters Inc. prequel - Monsters University isn't until June of next year but this past week, Disney / Pixar launched a Monsters University Campus website that somehow looks like a cross between Cambridge in England and certain Northeast Ivy League schools her in the U.S. Generally, the information is presented pretty straightforward like most college and university websites but beneath it all seems to be the university "store" where assorted Monsters University merchandise is now for sale.

I have had an interesting relationship with the original Pixar Monsters Inc. film. I think I have seen it four times. Twice I enjoyed the movie and twice - not so much. Guess it depended on my mood at the time. Anyway, here is a Disney / Pixar peek at the Monsters University movie...

Monster's University Campus
Disney / Pixar's Monsters University website

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