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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Disney Blasts Into a Galaxy Far, Far, Away...

Disney CEO Bob Iger with George Lucas
A Disney Photo

Staggering....stunning....well yes, and maybe no. There have been rumors in Disney forums and blogs (including this one) for a year or so that George Lucas, the sole owner of his Lucasfilm empire, was looking for a way to extend the life of his most prized creations for generations to come. Disney, who already had a good relationship with George (it is currently but its also had some rocky periods), through its licensing of Star Wars and Indiana Jones attractions in its theme parks, seemed the most like media spaceship to carry Lucas's vision into the future.

Today it happened. Even Darth Vader has a price tag. The purchase price came out to be 4.05 billion dollars in cash and stock. George can go off and do whatever....Disney now owns the Star Wars franchise, the Indiana Jones franchise, Skywalker Sound, Industrial Light & Magic, along with other Lucas enterprises.

Bob & George Signing On The Dotted Line
A Disney Photo
But really its all about Stars Wars. And that is the direction the acquisition is immediately heading, promising a new Star Wars movie in 2015 with others coming out every two or three years the release of what is now known as Star Wars Episode 7. And if you don't think Disney isn't going to leap at giving Darth Vader and company a prime role in Disney theme parks..... stop it. Disney will be all over this with the most likely target being a presence in Florida designed to give that snot nosed Potter kid the whooping of his life.

This is huge. And now, and now....., the Disneyland Traveler has got a whole range of topics to blog about. A great day.

Bob and George talk about the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm LTD.

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