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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Disneyland and 100,000 People

Al Lutz made a quick post the other day that on Monday of this week, the Monday of Thanksgiving week, there were 100,000 people at the Disneyland Resort. That's pretty much the max for the place and with that number of people, the infrastructure of the resort is pretty well pushed as far as it will go. Those kind of numbers are reserved for the busiest of days. But these numbers also tell a story.

We were in Disneyland (actually DCA) a few years ago in June right before the summer blackout for local passholders and heard one cast member tell another that there 100,000 people in the park that day but he used the numbers that 70,000 were in Disneyland and 30,000 in DCA. With Al's post he said on this past Monday the crowds were evenly split between the 2 parks - 50,000 in Disneyland and 50,000 in DCA further demonstrating the draw of Cars Land and the DCA reboot. This was the common trend all summer. Disney park execs have to be ecstatic about this.

It used to be Disneyland was virtual gridlock on busy days and DCA was more of a place to handle the overflow. It's not like that anymore as plenty of people now enter DCA first thing in the morning and don't leave until the park closes down easing the Disneyland claustrophobia.

Of course, the flip side of this is the Disneyland Resort is still drawing huge crowds and recent price increases have dented the throng from showing up. It plays right into the hand that says Disney can still handle further price increases before they take a large attendance hit by pricing people out of the parks. It will be an interesting trend to follow.

In the meantime, with 100,000 people, 65,000 of them are going to be hit sometime in the course of the day with a stroller.

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